Margaret Anderson Kelliher

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Marion is a progressive activist with an MBA - and a natural leader and bridge builder. Marion has a strong, principled voice, and a passion for policy - but it is her leadership that will make meaningful and lasting changes a reality. Marion has the breadth of knowledge and the passion to represent us well. I know that Marion will bring a breath of fresh air to the County - and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Marion Greene in the primary on April 29th and the general on May 13th.

Linda Higgins


We as a community are at our best when we all are able to earn a livable wage, have a roof over our head, and - above all - access health care when needed. I’m proud that our County and State are working toward equity, but health disparities continue to plague Hennepin County.

I need a colleague at the County who will work to help secure the financial solvency and sustainability of the Hennepin County health system, someone who is interested in finding the gaps in our service delivery system and knows how to eradicate them - Marion Greene is that person.

Please join me in supporting Marion and strengthening the Hennepin County health system. Let’s ensure health care for all - no more disparities, no exceptions.

Stonewall DFL

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"We are impressed with Marion's passion for and commitment to equity and human rights issues. Marion has been a leader on equality both in the legislature and the community. As a State Representative, she donated her 2011 'government shut down' paycheck to fight the proposed anti-marriage constitutional amendment."

"Marion worked tirelessly to turn back the amendment, and to elect a majority in the Minnesota House that would pave the way for the historic passage of marriage rights for all. She is an activist at heart, and will bring an experienced, fresh perspective to the County Board. We are proud to support her, and look forward to her passion and leadership as Hennepin County Commissioner."

Frank Hornstein


I know first hand Marion's leadership, her work ethic, and her commitment to a Minnesota in which everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We worked side-by-side in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Marion was one of the House's leading voices on health care and early childhood issues. I often sought her advice and counsel on these and other issues of concern to our community. When I circulated a letter among Minneapolis legislators opposing the expansion of the downtown Minneapolis garbage incinerator, Marion was the first to sign on.

She and I have been working together for progressive causes in the community since I first ran for the legislature 12 years ago. Marion and I met when she played an active role in the get-out-the-vote effort during the 2002 election. I remember Marion mobilizing dozens of DFL volunteers the weekend before the election. As time passed, she played a leadership role in the community advocating for environmental issues, and doorknocking throughout the region for a pro-choice legislature. I am continually impressed with Marion's passion and commitment for progressive politics, and her willingness to volunteer time and work hard for progressive candidates.

Marion Greene is a passionate, proven, experienced voice for social justice and will work hard for our community's progressive values as a Hennepin County Commissioner. I am proud to support her candidacy.