Margaret Anderson Kelliher Endorses Marion

There’s a clear choice for our next Commissioner — and that’s Marion Greene.

MGandMAK copyLet me tell you what I know about Marion. Marion is a progressive activist with an MBA — and a natural leader and bridge builder. I’ve known her for over 12 years working on progressive causes, including her own legislative race in 2010 for the district that I was proud to represent at the legislature for 12 years.

When I left the legislature it was important to me that the people I represented continued to have a strong, principled voice representing them. I knew then as I know now that policy, passion, and a progressive spirit only take us so far; that leadership is what makes meaningful and lasting changes a reality.

I was impressed, but not at all surprised, with how quickly Marion took to being an elected representative. Marion was able to build relationships across the wide range of DFL representatives at the legislature to get things done.

Additionally, she was able to reach across the aisle, finding common ground with Republicans to fight domestic violence. Her convictions, vision, and commitment to opportunity for all prompted her to chief author a bill funding all-day kindergarten — now a reality for all children in Minnesota because Marion took the lead.

Marion has the breadth of knowledge and the passion to represent us well. She’s a proven leader and a visionary progressive. I know that Marion is a bridge builder, a hard worker and she’ll bring a breath of fresh air to the County.

I’m supporting Marion Greene in the primary on April 29th and the general on May 13th. I hope you’ll join me.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher